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首先来翻译一下这两个单词的意思,weariness ['wɪərɪnəs] n. 疲倦;困乏;消沉;厌倦 tiredness ['taɪədnəs] n. 疲劳,倦怠 。 下面是它们的句子的对比 weariness Despite his weariness, Brand mustered a ...

fatigue:名词great tiredness, usu resulting from hard work or exercise 疲乏; 疲劳; 疲倦: We were all suffering from fatigue at the end of our journey. 我们到旅程终点时全都累垮了. tire:形容词(cause a person or an animal to) becom...

About the closest any research has come to supporting the tiredness theory是介词短语作表语 其中 the closest是介词宾语 any research has come to ...

in which tiredness has resulted in physical and emotinal breakdown 其中疲劳导致了物理和精神崩溃


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