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Reduce by 是减少了xxx 比如:The price of apple has reduced by $1. Reduced to 是减少到了 比如:The price of apple has reduced to $1.

是找类似的词组么? Devote ...to...(doing/n.) E.g. He Devoted All his life to his career . He Devoted All his life to finishing his job.

He struggled to control his temper. 他努力控制住自己的脾气 I hope to expand our exchanges and cooperation . 我希望扩大我们彼此的交流与合作。 One lesson therefore is to avoid unbalancing the marine environment . 因此一个教训是,...

We should keep active attitude towards stress.because the stress not only can become resistance,but also can become impetus.the key is how you confront it. There are many ways to manage unhealthy stress in your life. As you beg...


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