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rEDuCE to和rEDuCE By 是什么意思?

reduce to减少到…… reduce...to...把……减至…… be reduced by (被动形式)减少了…… 如: reduce to 5 (减少到5) be reduced by 5/ 5% (减少了5/减少了5%)

reduce to 减少到(即知结果) reduce by 减少幅度(最终结果为原量减去幅度) 如100如果结果是90,那就是reduce to 90或reduce by 10%

reduce to (意为减少到...) reduce by (意为减少了...)

Reduce by 是减少了xxx 比如:The price of apple has reduced by $1. Reduced to 是减少到了 比如:The price of apple has reduced to $1.

reduce是一种主观的减少、降低,主语是使减少的外力,to make something smaller or less in size, amount, or price; decrese是一种客观的减少、下降,主语是减少的东西(size, amount, or price etc.),to go down to a lower level, or to m...

请你看这道关于万有引力的题: If the distance between two masses is increased by a factor of 5, the gravitational force of attraction between them will a. increase by a factor of 5 b. remain Same c. reduce by a factor of 25 d. r...

to表示“到”,即减到40%,即四折。 reduce by就是“减下”,即六折

be anxious to do sth :急于做某事 be anxious for sth:渴望得到某物 in relief:显著地 to one's relief 让人安心的是… reduce to 迫使处于 ...

by a factor of 3 to


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