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HE's my mothEr's son.HE'smy .

He is my mother's son. He is my brother. 他是我妈妈的儿子,是我的兄弟。


grandfather grandfather aunt

he's your grandfather's son, but not you uncle. he's your father.

填写:brother He is my mother's son, he is my BROTHER.

A 试题分析:句意:尼克是你的哥哥吗?不,他是我的表哥,我叔叔的儿子。brother兄弟,用he来进行指代,故选A点评:英语中代词是替代名词的词,用途非常广泛,也是中考的必考点。人称代词分为主格、宾格、形容词性物主代词、名词性的物主代词。...

It's hard being an astronaut's son. I mean, everybody expects you to be special or perfect, and I'm just an average elevenyear-old kid. I'm an average student, and I'm average, too, when it comes to basketball, football, soccer...

That man's father is your half brother. And that man is your nephew.

He is your-self

My father is a man.He isn't a boy. 可以写 He is elder than me.I'm his son .可以写 He has a wife.He is my mother's husband. My mother is a woman. 可以写 She is elder than me too. 可以写 My father and my mother are both elder tha...


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