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向某人寻求帮助翻译为英语为 How to someone for help to translate to。 To a person to seek help Explore help to a certain person 翻译是在准确、通顺的基础上,把一种语言信息转变成另一种语言信息的行为。翻译是将一种相对陌生的表达方式...

ask sb for help

楼上错了, 没有with 就是consult sb about something 或者ask sb about sth

give sb a hand, do sb a favor, help sb最简单的说法了。

ask sb. about sth. 向某人询问某事 or ask for sth. from sb. e.g. May I ask you a question?

Explain to sb. 重点词汇释义 某人 someone; somebody; a certain person; thingamy; thingumajig 说明 illustrate; explain; illustration; instruction 原因 reason; cause; account; master sheet; causation

-What can I do for you? - what's the matter ? - what's wrong? - what'up? - yes?

向某人请教 Consult to sb. 麻烦采纳,谢谢!

Ask sb about sth 或 consult sb about sth


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